Bangladesh slip to 189th in FIFA ranking

  |  Saturday, September 18th, 2021 |  5:38 am
Bangladesh slip to 189th in FIFA ranking

The Bangladesh national men’s football team slipped one step down in the latest FIFA rankings released on Thursday.

Bangladesh slipped to the 189th place from 188th with 906 rating points, three points less than of their previous earning points.

On the other hand, neighboring India also slipped two steps down to 107th place from 105th.

The positions of other countries in South Asia remain unchanged in the latest FIFA ranking as India (107th), Maldives (158th), Nepal (168th), Bhutan (187th), Pakistan (198th) and Sri Lanka (205).

Belgium maintained the top slot while five times World Champions Brazil stood at second position. France and Spain slipped to fourth and eighth position respectively while England advanced to third position.