Winter vegetables come up in Ctg, prices soar

  |  Saturday, September 18th, 2021 |  5:30 am
Winter vegetables come up in Ctg, prices soar

Even though the season has not come, some winter vegetables have come up in the market. These include tomatoes, beans, cauliflower, carrots.

But prices are beyond the reach of ordinary buyers.
On the other hand, the price of edible oil is not decreasing. Open soybean oil is being sold at Tk 145 per kg. Prices of broiler, layer, white cock and golden chicken have gone up.

On Friday (September 18), the city’s Chawkbazar and Kazir Dewri bazars were visited, with vendors lined up with a variety of winter vegetable stalls. Beans have risen in the market in advance, the price is 160 rupees per kg. Cauliflower is being sold at 100 to 110 taka per kg. Eggplant is being sold at 60 taka per kg.

Other vegetables include kankrol 40 taka, desi karla 60 taka, chichinga 40 taka, tomato 100 taka, shrimp 30 taka, papaya 20 taka, kachu 40 taka, carrot 60 taka, patal 40 taka, vine 40 taka, cucumber 40 taka, green pepper 60 taka. pumpkins are being sold at Tk 50 each, pumpkins at Tk 35, potatoes at Tk 20 to 22 per kg and lemons at Tk 50-60 per dozen.

Vendors said prices are unlikely to fall for now. The supply of winter vegetables in the market has increased since this week. If the supply of vegetables increases further, then the price may go down.