BNP does not care about the country’s law and court: Quader

 Ctg Desk |  Monday, September 20th, 2021 |  10:35 am

Addressing the BNP, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader MP said, “Just as the futile call of the BNP movement for the last 13 years has failed, the current effort will also be futile.” It is the nature of the BNP to speak fabrications without heeding the law and order of the country. The one-sided philosophy of the BNP in thought and practice is weakening the roots of their political existence day by day.

He made the remarks at a briefing at his residence on Monday (September 20th) morning.

“The government is not allowing Begum Zia to go abroad for fear,” said Obaidul Quader, referring to the BNP secretary general’s allegations. The BNP can’t even hold a procession for the release of the leader.

Obaidul Quader further said that Sheikh Hasina government is not afraid of Begum Zia or the decaying BNP. Instead, the sentence has been suspended for the fourth time due to his age and health. Only Sheikh Hasina has shown this generosity. The BNP would be wrong to think that Sheikh Hasina’s generosity is a weakness.

Regarding the upcoming national elections, he said, the next national elections will be held in accordance with the constitution. The BNP has started preparations for the elections and the destruction of the electoral environment in a neutral and peaceful environment.

Earlier, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader was virtually involved in an exchange of views with BRTC officials.

At the same time, the minister said, after the lockdown, the pressure of passengers has increased again. In this situation, considering the convenience of public transport, the bus service has been re-launched in Uttara of the capital from September 16. After the reopening of the universities, there are preparations to resume the cycle bus service in Dhanmondi area.

The BRTC was a breeding ground for corruption during the last government. The Minister for Road Transport and Bridges said that the Sheikh Hasina government has adopted a zero tolerance policy on corruption. So BRTC has to be brought back to the forefront of reputation at any cost.

The minister called on the Anti-Corruption Commission to look into the matter with the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges. There will be no obstacle from the government. If there is any corruption, take action. Those who are reckless due to greed are corrupting various institutions. So we have to be careful in every sector. How much money, how much resources are needed to enjoy life? If you can’t take these resources with you after death, then what will happen to these resources?