Bangladesh has received a new allocation of 89 lakh dose vaccines

  |  Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 |  5:49 am

Bangladesh has received a new allocation of 89 lakh dose corona vaccine. The allotted vaccine will be available later this year.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs visiting the United States. Shahriar Alam gave this information in a post given on his Facebook on Wednesday.

Shahriar Alam writes, Bangladesh has received 71 lakh new doses of Pfizer and 18 lakh doses of modern ticker under Covax facility.

According to the information provided by the Minister of State for External Affairs, Bangladesh will get this vaccine from two sources under CoVAX facility. A donation from the United States. The other is regular coax allocation. The newly allocated vaccine will arrive in Bangladesh in the last three months of this year.

Shahriar Alam hopes that Bangladesh will get more vaccines in the same period.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs thanked the United States and Kovacs for allocating new vaccines to Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told Parliament on August 30 that so far (August 30) arrangements have been made to collect 24 crore 54 lakh 52 thousand 700 doses of vaccine.

As of last Sunday, 4 crore 95 lakh 85 thousand 80 doses have been vaccinated in the country so far.

The government wants to bring 80 percent of the country’s population under the coroner’s vaccine. It will take 26 crore vaccines in two doses.

For low and middle income countries, Bangladesh is supposed to get 60 million vaccines free of cost from the allocation of CoVAX.

100 million vaccines are being bought through Covax. A total of 70 million doses of synoform vaccine are being purchased directly from China. In addition, 30 million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine are to be purchased from the Seram Institute of India. Outside of that there are gift vaccines. In all, Bangladesh has so far secured 27 crore doses of vaccine.

A large number of coronaviruses could come to the country next month. Of this, 20 million doses of synoform purchased from the Beijing Institute of Biological Products in China have been confirmed. In addition, vaccines from China’s Sinofarm and Synovac, bought through global enterprise Covax, will also begin to arrive. The Chinese vaccine bought through Covax could cost Rs 20 crore or more. As a result, more than four crore vaccines are expected in October.