The dengue situation in the city corporation is very much under control: Mayor Tapas

  |  Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 |  11:29 am

The dengue situation of Dhaka South City Corporation is under control. The mayor of the south, Fazle Noor Taposh, has announced that the dengue situation in the city is no longer likely to deteriorate.

The mayor of the south made the remarks after inaugurating an interim waste transfer center in the New Market area of ​​the capital on Wednesday (September 22nd) morning.

The mayor said waste transfer centers have already been set up in 19 of South City’s 75 wards. The number of dengue patients has been brought down to 15,000 this year, which is only 10 percent compared to 2019.

He added that the number of dengue patients in South City has come down to less than 40 in the last five days.