The Prime Minister emphasized on building a network of women leaders on gender equality

  |  Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 |  5:33 am

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has laid special emphasis on building a network of women leaders to ensure gender equality.

A high-level meeting was held on Tuesday at the invitation of the President of the UN General Assembly. There, the Prime Minister said, it is possible to establish a network with women leaders. Which, however, will not only bring leaders together for a single meeting; Rather, gender equality will be the driving force.

In this meeting, Sheikh Hasina put forward three proposals to the world leaders. One of which is the Advisory Board on Gender Equality, which will work to build grassroots leadership. The second proposal was to provide adequate political and economic support to women-led organizations. So, the Prime Minister urged the UN to play an important role. He called for a conference of world leaders to ensure equality in the final resolution.

The Prime Minister’s remarks raised the issue of gender-based violence, child marriage and increase in unpaid work.