Writ in the High Court to refund the customers who suffered in e-commerce

  |  Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 |  9:50 am

A writ petition has been filed in the High Court seeking directions for a judicial inquiry into the fraud, embezzlement and money laundering of e-commerce companies. The writ petition seeks instructions to refund the aggrieved customers.

On Wednesday (September 22), two Supreme Court lawyers, Barrister Mohammad Humayun Kabir Pallab and Barrister Mohammad Kawshar, filed the writ petition.

Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Secretary of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Secretary of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Governor of Bangladesh Bank, Chairman of the National Board of Revenue, Director General of the National Consumer Rights Protection Department, Chairman of the Competition Commission.

Barrister Humayun Kabir Pallab said online-based financial transactions have increased significantly in Bangladesh in recent times. Numerous e-commerce based organizations like the Frog Umbrella have sprung up to enhance the quality of life of the people, facilitate online payments in the banking sector, develop telecommunication systems and infrastructural facilities. Notable among them are Evely, Dhamaka, Alesha Mart, Cucom, Dalal, Orange, Aladdin’s Lamp, Daraj etc.

In the last few years, these companies have embezzled thousands of crores of rupees by luring customers in the name of various unethical offers and discounts to attract customers due to lack of effective surveillance by the concerned departments of the government and huge amount of money has been smuggled abroad. I have said that necessary steps should be taken immediately to protect the interests of the customers including judicial investigation against these misdeeds.

The lawyer said that Evali, Dhamaka, Alesha Mart, Cucom, Dalal, E-Orange, Aladdin’s Lamp, Daraj have snatched thousands of crores of rupees from customers in the name of various offers in just a couple of years of establishment. They basically raise this money through multilevel marketing methods. According to various newspaper reports, these companies have already smuggled huge sums of money abroad. E-wallets, gift cards and other unauthorized transactions have swindled millions of customers. These online-based organizations have constantly violated the country’s customary law at the tip of government offices. But they did not take any action against the institutions. Year after year, these companies became more reckless due to the lack of effective surveillance of the notice recipients. The Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh Competition Commission, National Consumer Protection Department, Bangladesh Bank, National Board of Revenue and other government departments have lost millions of online customers in Bangladesh due to their negligence and failure in enforcing the relevant laws. The potential of e-commerce based organizations in building a digital Bangladesh is also questionable today. The authorities cannot avoid its responsibility in any way.