Drug dealer killed in gunfight in Ukhia

  |  Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 |  5:54 am

A man named Jahangir Alam was shot dead in a gunfight with RAB at Ukhia in Cox’s Bazar.

The RAB claimed that Jahangir was a drug dealer and that he was killed in a shootout with RAB members. The RAB also claimed that yaba, weapons and ammunition were recovered from the spot where the shootings took place.

Cox’s Bazar RAB-15 Commander Wing Commander Azim Ahmed said the shootings took place in the Jaliapalang area of ​​Ukhia around 8:30 pm on Wednesday (September 22).

He said the drug dealers fired at the RAB members when they went to Jaliapalang area of ​​Ukhia in a drug rescue operation. The RAB also fired back in self-defense. Drug dealer Jahangir was killed in the shelling. Drug dealers fled after the clashes. A weapon, three rounds of ammunition and 10,000 pieces of yaba were recovered from the spot. Further legal action is being taken in this regard.