In Chittagong, 46 identified in one day, zero deaths

  |  Saturday, September 25th, 2021 |  5:32 am

In the last one day in Chittagong, 48 people have been identified as newly infected with corona. As a result, the infection has increased compared to the previous day. However, no one died of the disease in the district during this period.

This information has come to light from the report published by the Ttgram District Civil Surgeon’s Office on Saturday.

In this context, the district civil surgeon. Sheikh Fazle Rabbi said samples of 1,530 people were tested in 10 labs in Chittagong and one in Cox’s Bazar and coronavirus was found in the bodies of 46 people. 27 of them are residents of Chittagong city. The rest are from different upazilas. In the last one day, the corona detection rate is 3.06 percent.

So far 1 lakh one thousand 562 people have been infected with corona in Chittagong. Among the identified, 73,567 are residents of Chittagong city. The remaining 27,995 are from different upazilas.

No one has died in Chittagong in the last one day due to corona. A total of 1,289 people have died in Chittagong so far. Of these, 711 died in Chittagong city and 578 died in different upazilas.