Pfizer’s 25 lakh vaccines are coming today

 Ctg Desk |  Monday, September 27th, 2021 |  5:05 am

So far 5 crore 45 lakh 85 thousand 80 doses have been vaccinated in the country. Of these, 4 crore 2 lakh 31 thousand 569 doses have been vaccinated. In other words, at the moment 1 crore 43 lakh 53 thousand 511 dose vaccine is in stock. So far, the first dose has been given to 2 crore 41 lakh 97 thousand 598 people and the second dose has been given to 1 crore 60 lakh 33 thousand 971 people. And yesterday, two doses were combined to give 5 lakh 80 thousand doses of vaccine. These include Oxford’s AstraZeneca, Chinese-made Synoform, Pfizer and Modern Vaccines.

The information came from a press release issued by the Department of Health on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the United States is sending another 2.5 million doses of corona virus vaccine to Bangladesh under the Kovacs program. A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP that Pfizer’s 258,480 doses of the vaccine would be sent to Bangladesh. In all, the amount of vaccines sent to Bangladesh by the United States stands at more than 9 million doses. He said the shipment would arrive on Monday under the World Health Organization’s Kovacs program. The official said, “We are proud to be able to deliver this safe and effective vaccine to the people of Bangladesh.”

According to the AFP database, only 9.3 percent of the total population of Bangladesh has been vaccinated so far this week.