Egg therapy after slapping

  International Desk |  Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 |  10:06 am

Eggs have been fired at President Emanuel Macron at a dinner party in the French city of Leo. “Before my eyes, the egg fell on the president’s neck and exploded on the floor,” said Florence Lago, a journalist with the French publication Leo Mag.

Leo Mag shared a video footage of the incident at the Sirha Food and Hospitality Fair on Twitter. It shows something falling on the president’s neck in the crowd. At this time there was tension in the crowd. One person in the crowd was later detained.

Although the motive for the incident is not yet clear. Journalist Florence Lago said she saw a young man laying eggs but did not hear her scream. He said security officials immediately surrounded the man and took him away.

Emanuel Macron was also targeted in 2016 when he was the presidential candidate. At that moment the egg burst on his head. In June this year, a man slapped his cheek while talking to people in southern France. Macron’s security guards quickly intervened and removed the president.

France has less than a year left before the election. Emanuel Macron wants to get closer to the voters at this time. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the support. With next year’s election looming, this election was being taken seriously. However, political analysts point to the low turnout and say it is difficult to reach a final decision.

It is to be noted that Emanuel Macron was indifferent after the publication of insulting cartoons of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in France. Since then, he has been gradually being humiliated and insulted in various places.