The first woman mayor in German history

 International Desk |  Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 |  11:39 am

Social Democratic Party (SPD) candidate Franziska Giffe is set to become Berlin’s first female mayor. Michael Mueller of the SPD, who has been mayor of Berlin for so long, withdrew from the election. As a result, Franziska Giffe ran for mayor from the same party and won by a landslide.

According to the German media ZDF, the SPD got 28 percent of the vote in this election. Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party CDU 24. With 5 percent of the vote, they are going to lose by a small margin. However, no matter which party wins in the end, their next government will be formed by forming an alliance. Forming a coalition government has become a tradition in Germany. Because no party gets an absolute majority vote like forming a government. In addition to the CDU and SPD, the coalition government could include the Environmentalist Green Party and the Liberal Free Democrat Party (FDP).

It is known that Olaf Schultz is going to be the new Chancellor of Germany. Through this, after the Second World War, a fourth leader from SPD will become the Chancellor of the country.