Information Minister applauds foreign channel distributors and operators for obeying the law

 Ctg Desk |  Sunday, October 3rd, 2021 |  12:49 pm
Information Minister applauds foreign channel distributors and operators for obeying the law

Minister of Information and Broadcasting applauded the domestic distributors and operators of foreign channels for complying with the law. Hasan Mahmud said, the government has not closed any channel, the sky of the country is open.

He made the remarks in response to a question from reporters at his office in the Secretariat on Sunday afternoon. “First of all, we did not close any channel, nor did we ask for closure,” the minister said. The sky of Bangladesh is open, any channel can broadcast here but it has to abide by the laws of the country.

India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Europe, America and all other parts of the world have laws to broadcast any foreign channel without any advertisement and foreign channels broadcast there in compliance with the law. Laugh.

“We have informed all concerned about the implementation of this law two years ago and several petitions have been filed, notices have been issued and finally we have decided in a meeting with all parties in August that we will implement the law from October 1,” he said. That’s what we did, no channel was shut down. Some are saying to keep the law relaxed until it is digitized. The whole of India has not gone digital, the law is in force everywhere, the law is in force even before it goes digital. So in our country, there is no reason to make such excuses without heeding the law. ‘

In response to a question about the closure of several foreign broadcasting operators. Hassan Mahmood said, “Since they did not get clean feed from the concerned channel, they have stopped it. I applaud that.” But we did not ask any of them to stop, they were given time in advance so that they would ask the concerned channels to send cleanfeed and they would also prepare. Enough i.e. two years time was given. I started talking to them two years ago. I had taken initiative to implement this law before. In the end, we decided to sit down with everyone. ‘

“As we can see, I have received complaints from around 24 channels, including BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, NHK, France24, Russia Today,” he said. But many are not running them, which is a violation of the cable operator’s license. If anyone violates the conditions, he will be charged with that crime. ‘

Dr. Hassan said, “Foreign channels have agents in this country. Cleanfeed is the responsibility of the respective channels and agents.” But some cable operators bypassed agents and pirated it directly from the satellite and downlinked it. It is illegal to downlink without permission. ‘

Asked about the movement of some cable operators, the Information Minister said, “It is unreasonable to talk about such movement. It is against the interests of the country, against the law, to advocate for those who are pointing fingers at the law of the land and turning a blind eye to the culture. I hope you do not engage in activities against the interests of the country. The government will not bow to any pressure. The government is determined to uphold the country’s interests and implement the country’s laws. Of course if they want to negotiate, there can be negotiations, they are also our collaborators here. They must be discussed. However, the basis of the discussion will be law and order, protection of the interests of the country.

“Some people are saying that the cable operators are facing financial loss, which is a deception to the people,” he said. Did the cable operators reduce the charges they take from the people? Hasan said, their income has not decreased by a single taka but more money will be saved.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister said, “All the media in the country have congratulated us today when we have taken this step by sacrificing the interests of the country, by showing thumbs up to the law of the land, by sacrificing the interests of the country’s media.” Those associated with the media were also congratulated by the Broadcast Journalists Forum, Bangladesh Federal Journalists, Dhaka Journalists Union and artists. We have taken this decision in the interest of the country, in the interest of the people of the country, in the interest of the media industry of the country, in the interest of the journalists, in the interest of the artists and artisans associated with the media. In our country, those who show thumbs up to the law and those who speak in the interest of all concerned do not speak for the country. ‘

“Our mobile courts will be running across the country and the secretary of the ministry is scheduled to hold online meetings with all DCs and divisional commissioners on Sunday,” he said, adding that action would be taken against those where allegations of violations were found.