The ban on catching hilsa started from midnight

 Ctg Desk |  Sunday, October 3rd, 2021 |  6:42 am
The ban on catching hilsa started from midnight

In order to increase the production of hilsa and to give the opportunity to lay eggs, the harvesting of hilsa will be stopped for a total of 22 days from midnight on Sunday to 25 October. The ban has been in place for several years to ensure that the breeding of hilsa is smooth.

During this time fishing, selling, marketing, stocking and transportation are prohibited. There are provisions for fines and imprisonment for violating the ban.

According to the Fisheries Department, fishermen will get 20 kg of rice during the 22-day ban. 3 lakh 6 thousand 124 fishermen will get this assistance in 6 districts of Barisal division.

Of these, 51,600 will be in Barisal district, 18,600 in Pirojpur, 63,700 in Patuakhali, 1,32,000 in Bhola, 36,064 in Barguna and 3,750 in Jhalokati. In the meantime, 6,942 metric tons of rice has been allocated.

Meanwhile, fishermen have started returning to the dock with fishing boats, trawlers, boats and all fishing equipment from the sea and rivers in view of the 22-day ban on catching hilsa. At that time, the fishermen demanded to tighten the ban to protect mother hilsa. They also demanded speedy distribution of rice allotted to fishermen during the ban and steps to stop collection of NGO installments.