Elections will be like the democratic countries of the world: Obaidul Quader

 Ctg Desk |  Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 |  9:12 am
Elections will be like the democratic countries of the world: Obaidul Quader

The elections will be held in Bangladesh in the same way as in other democracies of the world, said Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader.

The bridge minister said this after inspecting a 6-lane bridge under construction at Aminbazar in Savar on Tuesday morning.

“The term of the Election Commission is coming to an end,” he said. The Prime Minister said on Monday that the Election Commission would be formed by forming a search committee after discussions with the concerned stakeholders. If the election commission is neutral in the country, then a neutral election is possible. ‘

The bridge minister added, “There is no reason to doubt the formation of this election commission. The BNP is also represented here. Now that there is an election commission, they also have a party commissioner. Who often speaks and disagrees with the decision of the Election Commission. The representative of the Election Commission also spoke in the same tone as the BNP.

Obaidul Quader said, “There is no need to play games with the Election Commission. Elections will be free and fair. There will be no government interference in the elections. Our constitution says about the responsibilities of the Election Commission. Administrative and law enforcement agencies under the Election Commission are also in charge of the Army Task Force. It is not under the government. The Ministry of Home Affairs then went under the Election Commission. ‘

Regarding the BNP’s movement, he said, “Bad language suits the BNP.” They carried out violence all over the country in the name of movement in 2013 and 2014. People have been burned, buses have been set on fire, railway lines have been set on fire, they have even set fire to land offices. They actually want violence in the name of the movement. ‘

The Minister of Road Transport said, “All democratic parties have the right to carry out the movement peacefully. But if there is violence in the name of the movement and the lives and property of the people are threatened, then the Awami League will resist with the people. ‘

Regarding the progress of the bridge work, the Minister said, “25 per cent physical progress has been completed in this work.” The contract price of the second Aminbazar bridge with five spans of 232.94 meters has been estimated at Tk 204 crore. 102 out of 140 piles of this bridge have been completed. Three of the six pile caps, one of the four piers and two of the two abattoirs have been completed.