Work as a servant of the people: Prime Minister of bureaucrats

 Ctg Desk |  Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 |  8:02 am
জনগণের সেবক হিসেবে কাজ করুন: আমলাদের প্রধানমন্ত্রী

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon government officials to act as true servants of the people. He said the government’s goal is to build a people-friendly administration. He said that government officials should go to the people and provide services for that purpose.

Commenting that the field administration is the main driving force in changing the destiny of the people of the country, the Prime Minister directed the new officials of the administration to ensure justice through proper implementation of the law.

He was speaking at the concluding and certificate distribution ceremony of the 119th and 120th law and administration training courses at BCS Administration Academy in Shahbagh on Wednesday. The Prime Minister joined the function via video conference from her official residence Ganobhaban.

Addressing the BCS officials, the Prime Minister said, “We have to keep this in mind at all times.” This soil is ours. These people are ours. The goal is to change their destiny and give them a beautiful life. And the main driving force in fulfilling that goal is the field administration. So you will fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to you in that way. This is what I want.

Sheikh Hasina said, “I know many people have given their lives to serve the people during the coronation period.” But everyone in our administration is working on the vaccination program with the utmost sincerity and everyone is going through the vaccination. My sincere thanks to everyone for running the vaccination programs so well. Sincere thanks to all those involved.

Bangabandhu Kanya further said, I have seen in many countries of the world there has been a lot of trouble with vaccination. There is a problem. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. In Bangladesh, however, we are vaccinating as planned.

The Prime Minister said, “I think I have instructed everyone from our administration to the law enforcement agencies, from our health department to the vaccinators and the leaders and workers of my own party to ensure that people get vaccinated.” We have achieved a great success here because everyone is working. No people of Bangladesh will be deprived. We will make arrangements so that everyone gets vaccinated.