‘Daily Cricket’ gives voice to cricket fans

  |  Thursday, October 7th, 2021 |  12:30 pm

Emotion can lead Bangladeshi people to another level. One of the most sensational things for this nation is cricket. People take leave from the office, cancel important meetings, change the schedule to enjoy a cricket match sometimes.

Mad fans always show their respect to cricket through different kinds of madness. But, there is no such independent news portal for the fans where they can get every kind of entertainment to express their feelings and emotions.

The young entrepreneur Rabiul Alam established a completely dedicated cricket news portal “Daily Cricket” from this thought.

Daily Cricket news portal started its journey in 2017. Since then, it’s publishing authentic content, exciting news regarding Cricket. It’s the only platform where fans share the fact, express their emotion in different ways.  Being one of the leading cricket news portals and a reputed social media platform, the Daily Cricket has generated a massive buzz amongst the fans over the years as one of the most authentic and reliable cricket news and coverage sources.

Rabiul Alam, the founder and CEO of the Daily Cricket, said he has a passion for the game. His past working experience made him realize that there is a lack of proper cricketing platform that provides news and content and gives a voice to the fans which led him to start this online news portal.

After the establishment, the Daily Cricket has received an enormous response from the fans of cricket worldwide. Around 1.7 million people are following this blog portal. Every day, around 1 million people visit their website to read different contents, leave their ideas and thoughts and express their feelings here.

The main reason for gaining such a huge popularity is that the Daily Cricket always loves to hear from the fans.

This news portal has been receiving love and respect from the fans since the beginning and remains focused on its vision to become one of the leading cricket portals in the world with an added focus on Bangladesh cricket.