Sravanti in the face of criticism in the guise of Durga

 Entertainment Desk |  Thursday, October 7th, 2021 |  8:00 am
Sravanti in the face of criticism in the guise of Durga

Tollywood actress Sravanti Chatterjee is constantly facing criticism on social media. The controversy revolves around the personal life of the heroine. The new news is that Sravanti has caught Mahamaya in the morning. Wearing a red fringed white sari, the heroine is portrayed as a goddess with red vermilion filled with sinthi, conch shells in her hands and gold ornaments filled with her body. He did not forget to hold a trident in his hand. Mangal-conch, lotus has been seen in Sravanti’s hand again.

In this photoshoot of Mahalaya Special, Sravanti’s look is really eye-catching. He has released a short video. But the beauty and creativity of the heroine was overshadowed by her marriage controversy. Her number three husband Roshan Singh came out in public just after Durga Puja last year. And this year they are not living under one roof. Then as time went on, the distance between the pair increased. Last month, Sravanti said she had filed for divorce against Roshan Singh.

Sharing a glimpse of the Mahalaya Special Photoshoot, Sravanti wrote- ‘The end of the patriarchy, the beginning of the goddess. Let the good news of mother’s arrival be heard from side to side! ‘

Sravanti’s fans, however, have praised this form of the heroine. Someone wrote – ‘looks very beautiful’. Like someone ‘ate crush again’. But the number of fans as well as critics is not less. One directly attacked Sravanti and wrote – ‘You are not Durga, Draupadi’. Someone wrote – ‘You should not have punished Durga’. Someone attacked one step further and said, ‘Change your character first, then decorate the goddess’.

Even before the legal break-up with Roshan Singh, Srabonti fell in love again in Talipara. Rumors of the heroine’s relationship with businessman Abhirup Nag Chowdhury have been in the headlines for months, though both sides have not opened their mouths about it.

Source: Hindustan Times