21 identified on the day of death in Chittagong

 Staff Correspondent |  Saturday, October 9th, 2021 |  11:00 am
21 identified on the day of death in Chittagong

No one has died of coronavirus in Chittagong in the last 24 hours. However, 21 people have been identified as infected with corona during this period. Through this, the total number of identities in the district stood at one lakh one thousand 992 people.

A report released by the Chittagong Civil Surgeon’s Office on Saturday (October 9th) morning revealed this information.

Dr. Civil Surgeon. Mohammad Ilias Chowdhury said that in the last 24 hours, samples of 1,613 people were tested in different labs in Chittagong and corona germs were detected in the bodies of 21 people. The infection rate is about 1.16 percent compared to the test. Among the identified are 12 from the city and nine from the upazila.

He added that in the last 24 hours, five people at Fauzdarhat BITID Lab, nine at Chittagong Veterinary University Lab and one at Imperial Hospital Lab were diagnosed with corona.

At the same time, two corona were identified in the Maternal and Child Hospital Lab, one in the Medical Center Hospital Lab and three in the Epic Health Care Lab.