Bkash took one and a half lakh taka by calling from the helpline!

 Nezam Uddin Sohan |  Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 |  7:46 am
Bikash took one and a half lakh taka by calling from the helpline!

Although the allegation of extorting money from customers in the name of bKash by calling from fake number is old, this time bKash has been accused of embezzling Rs. Not only that, Tipu, Sales Representative (SR) of Chittagong Agrabad region of bKash has directly collaborated in this cycle of fraud.

The victim, Touhid Ali Rashed, alleged that the gang had taken away Rs 1.56 lakh from him in a well-planned manner. He claimed that the call would come from the local bKash SR head office and update the information and the phone call from the helpline proved that there was a bikash cycle involved.

According to the complaint, the victim’s agent number 017136 was called from the development helpline (18247) on September 1 at noon (2.18 minutes). The bKash helpline says, “I am telling you from the bKash office that you are being called from another phone for app updates and instructions. Please receive the call.” . Tipu, a local sales representative (SR), said that the agent would call from the office to update the apps by calling from the personal number (01705421452) 5 minutes later.

It is further mentioned in the complaint that relying on the words of Bikash Helpline (18248) and local SR Tipu, as per the instructions, 01714-155517, 017-109075 respectively. Agent trader Rashed sent 1 lakh 56 thousand rupees in different phases to 0171-323240 and 01926-46419. After realizing the money, the fraudster cut off the call. Later, if the fraudster’s mobile phone and money sending numbers are called more than once, the numbers are found blocked. If you immediately call the helpline and lodge a complaint (Complaints No. 1133469 and 11337463), the bKash head office takes two days to resolve the issue.

Though the Chittagong branch office of bKash lodged a complaint in this regard at Chaumuhani, the bKash authorities did not take any initiative for a month and a half.

Victim Touhid Ali Rashed said, ‘I am a new businessman. I got the business SIM (agent) on 28th August. Exactly 5 days later, the fraudulent gang of the local SR and bKash office snatched 1 lakh 56 thousand rupees from me. My business name is ‘Mango Shop’ and no outside scammer should know when I got the SIM. But the fraudster called the helpline of the development office and told me the name of my organization and when I got the SIM. I did not believe that, so on that day the local SR Tipu called from his personal mobile phone and called from the office to update the apps, so I spoke to them and followed their instructions. ‘

He further said, ‘I complained to the local branch office of bKash (Chaumahani) in a few steps but got no remedy. Many times when they wanted to talk to the head of their office or ask for his mobile number, they did not respond. Besides, I have filed a general diary (GD No. 48) at Double Mooring Police Station. The police have not been able to give me any update on this in the last one and a half months. ‘

When contacted on the mobile phone of local SR Tipu, he said, “Rashed has been called by cloning my number. His number is not in my call list. ‘His real name is Sultan Ahmed Tipu and he told the reporter,’ Our office is in Barapol area. You come, talk to our senior officers. They can tell you better. ‘

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, October 5, when the reporter went to the Chaumuhani bKash branch with the victim, the bKash representatives made various excuses. Repeatedly, when the reporter wanted to talk to their branch manager / in-charge, he also presented various excuses. Later, Imtiaz, the in-charge of the development office (Chaumuhani), was compelled to speak when the journalist wanted to know their statement.

He said, ‘We have received a copy of the GD and a complaint in this regard. It has been sent to the head office. The head office will decide after investigation, ”he said. There is no chance to clone the helpline exactly. You can talk to the head office about this.

When contacted on the mobile phone of Samsuddin Haider Dalim, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations Officer of bKash Head Office, he also said that it is not possible to clone bKash help number. However, if you want to know any kind of statement and information, you mention it and request to mail it.

He later sent an e-mail on Wednesday (October 6) afternoon, but said he would return the next day (Thursday, October 8), but did not do so. He also said that if he was contacted on his mobile phone on Saturday, October 9, he would give his statement by mail on Sunday afternoon or Monday.

Despite several phone calls around 1pm on Monday, October 11, the mobile phone of Samsuddin Haider Dalim, head of communications and public relations officer at the bKash head office, was found switched off. Later, he was called several times from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm but he did not receive the call.

Asked about the general diary, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Double Mooring Police Station Mahim (October 8) told reporters, “I have received a general diary of development fraud. The matter is being looked into. ‘Asked why more than a month and a half had elapsed, he said,’ The development office (Chaumuhani) has asked for time, so it is getting late.