Urgent instructions for 43rd BCS candidates

 Ctg Desk |  Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 |  10:30 am
Urgent instructions for 43rd BCS candidates

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued urgent instructions for the candidates of the 43rd BCS Preliminary Examination. The test will be held on October 29.

An emergency directive was issued by the PSC on Wednesday (October 13).

It said that it is strictly forbidden to bring books, all kinds of watches, mobile phones, calculators, electronic devices, bank / credit card-like devices, jewelery, bracelets and bags in the preliminary examination center. No candidate can enter the examination center with prohibited material.

In the presence of the Executive Magistrate-Police at the gate of the examination center, the candidates have to enter the examination center through the search of prohibited items including mobile phones, watches, electronic devices with the help of entrance tickets and metal detectors.

An SMS will be sent to the candidate’s mobile phone for not bringing the prohibited material mentioned on the day of examination. Follow SMS message instructions.

Candidates should not cover their ears during the test, they should keep their ears open. If you need to use any kind of hearing aid in the ear, you have to get the approval of the commission in advance along with the advice of the specialist doctor.

If any material is found in the examination center, it will be confiscated and due to violation of the rules of Bangladesh Civil Service (Examination for Age, Eligibility and Direct Recruitment) Rules 2014, the candidature of the concerned candidate will be canceled and the job commission will disqualify the candidate in all recruitment examinations.