Don’t waste food: PM

 Ctg Desk |  Saturday, October 16th, 2021 |  11:27 am
Don't waste food: PM

Highlighting the food shortage in the world on the one hand and food wastage on the other, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasized on taking measures to recycle excess food.

He addressed the official function of ‘World Food Day-2021’ through video conferencing from Ganobhaban on Saturday morning.

Calling on all to be vigilant in producing safe food and meeting nutritional needs, Sheikh Hasina said, “We have to reduce food wastage. Don’t waste.

“All over the world, there is food shortage on the one hand and a lot of food is wasted on the other. This is not a waste. Instead, we need to think about how we can recycle excess food. We have to take such measures. ”

He advised researchers to look at whether any other needs could be met through recycling of surplus food.

The Prime Minister said that in order to ensure the food needs of the people during the coronavirus epidemic, not even an inch of land in the country should remain uncultivated.

“Many countries in the world are now short of food. Many countries are heading for famine. But in the language of the father of the nation in Bangladesh, it has to be said that Bangladesh has soil, it has people. Let us never suffer from lack of food again. ”

Commenting that the North Bengal Awami League government is in fact ‘Manga-free’, he said that it will remain ‘Manga-free’.

“We have to pay special attention so that there will never be another famine in Bangladesh and no one can conspire to cause famine.”

Stating that the people of the country are working for food security, the Prime Minister said, “Food is being produced in Bangladesh using various methods. Due to which, I think, there will never be any shortage of food in Bangladesh by the grace of Allah. ”

“When you discover a seed, when you invent it, when it is produced, it slowly but surely decreases,” he said. That is why the research must be continued at all times. ”

He highlighted the various plans and steps taken by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to meet the food needs of the people of the country after independence.

Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzak, Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder, Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sham Rezaul Karim and other senior officials were present at the Hotel Intercontinental.