Accurate investigation into Cumilla incident: Home Minister

 Ctg Desk |  Sunday, October 17th, 2021 |  12:24 pm

Recently, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan spoke about the progress of the investigation into a journalist’s question about ‘insulting the Holy Quran’ at a temple in Comilla. He said the details behind the incident would be revealed soon through a thorough investigation.

He made the remarks in response to a question from reporters at the Home Minister’s office in the Secretariat on Sunday (October 17).

Asked about the progress made in the recent Comilla incident, the Home Minister said, “Bangladesh is a country of non-communal consciousness. There must be a reason behind this incident. In a few days we will be able to say more clearly. Our investigating officer in the Comilla incident, the concerned people including the intelligence agencies are taking the matter very seriously. We hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good content. ”

He added, ‘We think the people of our country are religious, but not bigoted. The incident that took place in different parts of the country including Comilla is motivated and has been created to create instability in the country. Who did it or who fueled it will come out through the investigation. We will present it to you as soon as we get the proof. We will definitely provide exemplary punishment to the real culprits. ‘