It’s been three years since Ayub Bachchu left the silver guitar

 Ctg Desk |  Monday, October 18th, 2021 |  12:47 pm
It's been three years since Ayub Bachchu left the silver guitar

October 18, three years ago today. The morning started and it was like all the mornings. But the morning could not hold its normalcy. As the day progressed, news came that Ayub Bachchu was missing.

At that moment the news spread all over the country. The song of this country was washed away in the sea of mourning. Everyone in the showbiz was shocked. Fans of Ayub Bachchu, the famous ‘AB Boss’ who left the silver guitar, burst into tears.

People became people in the last journey of this legend. Millions of people took part in Bachchu’s janaza held in Dhaka and Chittagong. People of other religions also came in droves to bid farewell to the beloved star. It is not known when the people of the country saw the last journey of such a large sea of ​​people.

It has been 3 years since October 16 full of sadness. Today is the third death anniversary of Ayub Bachchu.

Everyone’s favorite AB boss has left the silver guitar, but he is still alive in the hearts of the fans. You are in daily practice.

Ayub Bachchu kept a few generations tied to the song. He was born on 16 August 1962 in Chittagong.

He was popular as a singer, lyricist, composer and music director. The Bengali band world has been enriched by his hand, the films of this country have also got many popular songs.

Ayub Bachchu started his career in the world of music in 1986 with the band ‘Feelings’. He then worked as the lead guitarist for the Souls band for 10 years. The band LRB started its journey in the nineties. He was its team leader.

Ayub Bachchu has given away countless timeless, popular songs over the decades. “Let’s change,” “Smile,” “Many a night now,” “Silver guitar,” “Girl,” “I love to suffer,” “This world of happiness,” “Ferrari’s mind,” “I’ll fly to the sky,” Bangladesh, “I love you for twelve months,” “A star in the sky,” “That star-filled night,” “Poetry,” “I haven’t fallen in love,” “Three men,” “Don’t go, friend,” “Come back at the end of the day.” When he came, “I did not fall in love,” he is the creator of many popular songs, including “Three Men”. The legendary artist died of a heart attack on October 16 last year.