If communal riots are created, the answer should be given: Home Minister

 Ctg Desk |  Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 |  10:52 am
If communal riots are created, the answer should be given: Home Minister

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said the main accused in Comilla had fled but would be arrested soon. Those who are trying to create communal riots and are inciting them must be held accountable.

He was speaking at the inaugural function of the RAB’s technological modernization program at the RAB headquarters on Tuesday (October 19) at noon to promote the best and overall use of information technology at all RAB battalions and camp levels.

The Home Minister said, “We have identified the incident that took place at the Puja Mandap in Comilla.” He is changing his position again and again. We will be able to catch him in a very short time. We will know why he caused this incident in Comilla.

The home minister said such an incident had never happened before in any puja mandapa. But now I saw. In Chandpur, when our police could not control the situation despite their best efforts, they were forced to open fire.

The minister said that in the past also, false propaganda on Facebook has created instability in Ramu, Nasirnagar and Bhola, and attempts have been made to destroy communal harmony. I am warning those who are trying to take advantage of this kind of propaganda. They must be found. Law enforcement will find them and provide appropriate punishment. They have to answer why they are destroying communal harmony and peace.

The Home Minister said that after inaugurating the program titled ‘Technical Modernization of RAB’ to expand the RAB forces to all battalions and camp levels in the best and overall use of information technology, the Minister said that RAB went one step further to identify the culprits. I would expect the RAB to play a more effective role in using the facilities.