India opens all gates: low-lying areas flooded

 Ctg Desk |  Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 |  11:04 am
India opens all gates: low-lying areas flooded

Due to heavy rains and opening of all the gates of Ghazaldobar in India, the water of Teesta is rising rapidly. Water is flowing over 80 cm of danger level at Dahlia Point of Teesta Barrage.

Tens of thousands of families have been stranded in the Teesta Char area of ​​three upazilas of Lalmonirhat since the dawn of Wednesday (October 20). Several thousand hectares of paddy fields have been submerged. Roads are being washed away by water. Families have taken refuge in high places as water enters their homes. The flat bypass road of Teesta Barrage is also under threat. In August and September, the Teesta dried up and woke up. Suddenly all drowned in the waters of the Teesta. The people of the char region are in dire straits due to the increase in water in the month of Kartik.

According to the Water Development Board (Paubo), the water level in the Teesta has risen to 52.80 cm at Dahlia Point since Tuesday night. It is flowing at 53.20 cm at that point at 9 am on Wednesday. Which is 60 cm above the danger line. The water of Teesta is gradually increasing.

Meanwhile, due to increase in Teesta water, about 10,000 families have been flooded in Dahagram of Patgram, Gaddimari of Hatibandha, Singamari, Sindurna, Patikapara, Dauabari, Votmari of Shailmari, Shailmari, Nohali and Char Bairati.

Mofizar Rahman, UP member of Ward No. 1 of Char Sindurna Union in Hatibandha Upazila, said such floods were not seen in this dry season. The river had dried up two months ago. Today the river is full of water. Water has entered many houses. Many families have taken refuge in high places.

Maidul Islam of Dahagram area of ​​Patgram upazila said that roads including paddy fields have been submerged due to sudden rise in water since last night. Many families have taken shelter in high places as water enters their homes.

Asfau Daula, executive engineer of the Dahlia Water Development Board (Paubo), said the Teesta water was rising above the danger level due to the rising slopes and heavy rains. Water is being controlled by opening 44 gates of Teesta Barrage. So the people of Teestapar are being asked to take shelter in a safe place.

Lalmonirhat Deputy Commissioner Abu Jafar said, “We have learned about the rise of Teesta water.” There is adequate food assistance for the waterlogged families. Upazila Nirbahi officials are providing assistance to the flood-hit families.