Every effort is being made to find Iqbal: Home Minister

 Ctg Desk |  Thursday, October 21st, 2021 |  12:30 pm
Every effort is being made to find Iqbal: Home Minister

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has said that maximum efforts are being made to find Iqbal who kept the Quran in the shrine.

He was speaking to reporters at the Secretariat on Thursday (October 21st).

He said Iqbal’s location was not known as he did not use a mobile phone. Every effort has been made to find him. Those who sent him to keep the Qur’an in the shrine may have hidden him.

The Home Minister said the communal violence that has taken place in different parts of the country is an isolated incident. There is no panic in anyone at present. The situation is now normal and under control.

Describing the incident of that day, he said that the camera showed that he (Iqbal) had gone to the mosque three times at night. Then he brought the Qur’an from the mosque and left it in the puja mandapa and carried the hammer of the idol on his shoulder. I believe I can rescue him if I can catch him.

It may be mentioned that after receiving the Holy Quran on the idol of Hanuman in the puja mandapa of Nanuwar Dighirpar in Comilla city on the morning of October 13, violence spread in different districts of the country.