Still looking for the love of the letterman: Mahiya Mahi

 Entertainment Desk |  Sunday, October 24th, 2021 |  12:51 pm
Still looking for the love of the letterman: Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi is a popular actress in Dhaka cinema. The actress got married for the second time last month. He is arranging a new home and family. The heroine did not forget to share some of her scenes with the fans. Occasionally Mahi expresses her feelings through social media. This time, the actress said that she is looking for the love of Chirkutwala.

Mahi has written his status in the guise of poetry. At the beginning, he wrote, “Come on darling, keep YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp. Take out your airpod. Oops, I’m telling you both? Give me one. Hmmm, perfect. Now play the song ‘The day of fire will end one day’. Let’s say it’s 3 o’clock at night, we’re in St. Martin. Now we will walk on the sea with both hands as if we are walking on the grass. After a while, lying on the middle of the sea, I will count the stars one by one. ”

“Correspondence is almost lost in the digital world,” he wrote. It goes without saying that there is no love offering to loved ones with notes. But Mahi is looking for the love of that note bearer. The actress wrote, “Well, darling, everyone is texting on Facebook, WhatsApp, ‘Love you’, ‘Miss you’ or ‘Have you eaten?’, ‘Have you slept?’ In the midst of so much digital, I was looking for the love of an old-fashioned letter writer. ”

Although Mahi made these statements to her boyfriend, the boyfriend with the notes was not seen. The actress did not reveal her name in the article.

Mahi got married to Rakib, a young politician and businessman from Gazipur on September 13. Earlier, Mahiya Mahi married Sylhet businessman Parvez Mahmud Apu. Less than a year after the marriage began, rumors of their separation surfaced. Mahi last announced her divorce from Apu last May.