The dream paira bridge was inaugurated today

 National Desk |  Sunday, October 24th, 2021 |  12:56 pm
The dream paira bridge was inaugurated today

And only a few hours. Then the dream of the people of Patuakhali ‘Pigeon Bridge’ is going to be inaugurated. As a result, the people of this region will not have to worry about ferries from today. Lebukhali ferry will then be just a memory. During the inauguration, the dream of the people of Patuakhali has become a little more.

The long-awaited Paira Bridge will be inaugurated on Sunday (October 24) on the Barisal-Patuakhali Highway over the Pigeon River.

On Sunday (October 24) morning, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will participate in the inauguration ceremony from Ganobhaban at Payra Bridge, Dumki, Patuakhali. The bridge will be opened for traffic after the inauguration.

According to a letter signed by Ismat Mahmuda, Assistant Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister has agreed to inaugurate a pigeon bridge over the Payra River on the Barisal-Patuakhali highway. He will inaugurate the bridge virtually from Ganobhaban on October 24 at 10 am. Due to this, there is a lot of noise in the area of ​​Pigeon Bridge.

Since the announcement of the inauguration date, there has been an uproar in the Pigeon Bridge area. Crowds of people are flocking to see this beautiful bridge. The bridge is being illuminated in the evening light.

At one time ferries had to cross 10 rivers to reach Kuakata from Dhaka by road. In the end, the ferry had to cross the Padma and Payra rivers. However, from today you don’t have to wait at the pigeon dock. You don’t have to wait for the ferry.

Meanwhile, if the construction of the Padma Bridge is completed, uninterrupted road communication will be possible from the capital Dhaka to Kuakata Pigeon Port. It will mark a landmark chapter in the country’s road connectivity with the South.

The bridge is funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and the APEC Fund. The bridge was built by Chinese contractor Longjian Road and Bridge Construction.

The design of the bridge construction is somewhat exceptional. The four-lane bridge is being built using extruded cable stand technology. The Shah Amanat Bridge over the Karnafuli River in Chittagong is also built with this technology. The 1,460-meter-long and 19.6-meter-wide bridge is connected on both sides by a cable. Only one pillar was used in the middle of the river. The normal flow of the river will continue. The height of the bridge from the water level is 18.30 meters above the river. The lamp will be lit with the help of solar power.

Not only that, for the first time in the country, ‘Bridge Health Monitor’ is being installed on this bridge. As a result, if there is a risk of damage to the vibration system of the bridge due to natural calamities including thunderstorms, earthquakes or the movement of vehicles carrying extra goods, it will signal about that. In addition, safety pillars have been placed next to the pillars of the bridge. It will be possible to prevent the damage of the bridge by pushing something, will increase the durability of the bridge.