If there are specific allegations against any candidate, let us know: Quader

 Ctg Desk |  Monday, October 25th, 2021 |  10:04 am
The lies of the BNP leaders defeat Goebbels

Awami League General Secretary, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader MP said, “Exclude those who are controversial in sending names from the grassroots in local government elections.” Send the names of the tested and abandoned team to the center. If there is a specific allegation against a candidate, there is an opportunity to appeal according to the constitution of the party.

He gave the instructions at a briefing at noon on Monday (October 25) at his office in the Secretariat.

Obaidul Quader said, “Specific allegations are being submitted to the political office of the president.” Candidates have already been changed in some places in the wake of the allegations. The list of proposed candidates for the local government council nomination is sent to the center through a specific process from the grassroots.

The general secretary of the Awami League said, “Even before this, in the case of enrollment, the party has been instructed to send the names without concealing any information about the candidates out of any kindness and greed.” From the union to the upazila then to the district, the name comes to the center. ‘

“The BNP will not go to the polls under the Awami League,” said Obaidul Quader. The BNP is still walking the old gray path on the issue of participation in the elections. Elections will not sit like time and current. The election will not be under the Awami League government, the election will be under the Election Commission. ‘

The Minister for Road Transport and Bridges added, ‘The BNP wants to go to power; However, it is not through ballot, but in a different undemocratic and secret way. The BNP is living the dream of another One-Eleven. It does not seem that such a situation will be created in this country. The Awami League government has changed the mindset of the people of the country. The people are now development-loving, forward-looking. ‘

The Awami League general secretary added, “The BNP has trapped itself. That is why they are now in both crises — unable to gather movement, unable to go to the polls. The face of those who have taken rumors and propaganda as a political ploy has become clear to the people. ‘