The Calcutta High Court panicked at the sound of gunfire

 International Desk |  Thursday, October 28th, 2021 |  10:59 am
The Calcutta High Court panicked at the sound of gunfire

Panic erupted at the Calcutta High Court premises in India on Wednesday morning.

It was later learned that the shots were accidentally fired from the gun of a policeman on duty in the High Court. ( Anandabazar newspaper.)

When the incident happened, the judge and lawyers did not appear in court. Police said there was no damage in the incident.

Police personnel in charge of security and other duties joined the work before the High Court session began. They were preparing on Wednesday as usual. At that time, some policemen were loading their firearms.

Suddenly, a constable’s SLR rifle fired. The bullet hit the roof of the Malkhana of the High Court police station. The incident caused a stir among other police members.

When the high-ranking officers found out about it, they immediately removed the constable from there. After that he was taken to the police station and interrogated. CCTV footage was also examined.

Initially, the police officers of Lalbazar thought it was just an accident. According to them, the accident happened while checking whether the gun was loaded properly.

For now, the constable has been removed from duty. His mental condition is also being examined.