Iran is the victim of cyber attack

 Ctg Desk |  Saturday, October 30th, 2021 |  11:32 am
Iran is the victim of cyber attack

Iran’s energy distribution network has been paralyzed by cyber attacks. Fuel supply has been cut off across the country. Tehran has not blamed any specific country for the cyber attack, but has accused foreign countries of being behind it.

Under such circumstances, the non-aligned nuclear deal with the six nations will be renewed by the end of November this year, said Iran’s deputy foreign minister.

Iran is again the victim of cyber attacks. After nuclear installations and power plants, cyber attacks have been launched on the country’s energy supply network.

Iran says a cyber attack has disrupted the country’s energy distribution network. Iran has blamed a country for the cyber-attack last Tuesday.

Although no hacker group has claimed responsibility for the cyber-attack, Iran’s top Internet policy-making body says anonymous foreign companies are behind it.

Fuel supplies have been cut off across Iran due to the attack. There has been an oil crisis. Long queues of vehicles were seen at the oil station. Anger is growing in the minds of the people.

Due to the US economic blockade, mismanagement of the government and corruption, Iran’s economic situation has become increasingly fragile. The oil crisis is exacerbating the situation.

Despite the Iranian president’s claim, the cyber-attack was planned by a foreign power to incite the people against the government.

Meanwhile, Tehran has said that the non-binding nuclear deal signed with the six nations in 2015 will be revived. Iran’s deputy foreign minister says the landmark deal could be renewed by the end of November this year.