Garment workers facing serious hardship for essential price hike

  |  Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 |  5:56 pm

Speakers at a roundtable on Wednesday demanded to raise the wages of readymade garment workers as they have made the wheels of production active risking their lives amid coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

Taking this crucial issue into consideration, they placed an eight-point demand including increasing wages of the garment workers and extending their facilities at working places.

Industrial Bangladesh Council (IBC) organised the roundtable at Jatiya Press Club auditorium on Wednesday.


Their demands included ensuring the excercise of trade unionism and registration, building social safety net for workers’ health and social protection, providing accommodation facilities to workers at the garment village under the government initiatives, bringing an end to retrench, repress, and harassment of workers, abolishing the industrial police which always play one-sided rules, announcing new wages at the garment industry, constructing 250-bed hospitals at each of the four garment villages, and abolishing all the sections in the labour laws which are contrary to the ILO Convention.


In a written statement, IBC’s executive member Salahuddin Swapan alleged that the ready-made garment factory owners have been doing various irregularities and unlawful activities including retrenching workers, slashing their wages, obstructing their trade union rights taking advantage of the Covid-19 situation.

It was also told at the roundtable that the garments workers have been going through serious hardships due to price hike of essentials.

The speakers also alleged that the Directorate of Labour, Directorate of Factory Inspection and other government agencies have been working to protect the interest of garment owners.

The roundtable was also addressed by IBC president Mir Abul Kalam Asad, members Aminul Huq Amin, ZM Quamrul Anam, and Qutub Uddin, among others.