Evaly’s former CEO, chairman ordered to provide locker numbers

  |  Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 |  10:40 am

High Court on Tuesday ordered Evaly’s former CEO Mohammad Russel and his wife former chairman Shamim Nasrin, who are now in jail, to provide the combination numbers of the lockers of company’s Dhanmondi office.

It has also directed the IG (Prisons) to allow the court appointed Evaly’s new managing director or his representative to meet the couple in jail.

Justice Muhammad Khurshid Alam Sarker’s company court passed the order.

At the same time, the CID’s forensic department was ordered to extend cooperation to the court appointed Evaly’s interim board of directors to recover the information from Evaly’s local server.

Informing about the High Court order of Tuesday, counsel of the Evaly’s interim board of directors, Morshed Ahmed Khan tod journalists that the new board has started working after taking over the charge.

The Evaly’s interim board submitted a report to the High Court where it stated the difficulties in discharging its duties. After the hearing, the High Court passed the order.

On September 22, a disgruntled customer named Md Farhad Hossain submitted a writ seeking the High Court directives for winding up Evaly. He also demanded a refund from the liquidation of Evaly’s property.

The High Court later passed a written order on the formation of the interim board.

Later on October 18, the High Court formed a five-member board with retired Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik to look after the Evaly affairs.

On September 16, another client of the Arif Baker sued Evaly CEO Mohammad Rassel and chairman Shamima Nasrin with Gulshan Police Station for not delivering him products despite taking advance payment.

Following the case, RAB arrested Mr Rassel and his wife Nasrin. They were taken to RAB headquarters and later handed over to Gulshan police on September 17.

Since then Mohammad Rassel and his wife Shamima Nasrin have been in jail over allegations of fraud and embezzlement.