Murad returns home being failed to enter Toronto, Dubai

  |  Sunday, December 12th, 2021 |  3:01 pm

Disgraced former state minister Murad Hasan, who was forced to resign from cabinet, has returned to Bangladesh being failed to enter Canada and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

He returned to Dhaka at about 5:00pm on Sunday, said a high official of the immigration.

Murad Hasan left Dhaka for Canada via Dubai on Thursday night.

According to Toronto-based Bangla news portal, he landed at Pearson International Airport in Toronto at 1:31pm on Friday. The he failed to enter Canada through Pearson International Airport of Toronto. The Canadian Border Service Agency officials took him to a room for questioning at the airport.

They showed him various videos, photos and news released and published on him, and wanted to know his version, the news portal said.

It said Murad was also asked about the reasons for leaving Bangladesh and coming to Canada, but he failed to give any “satisfactory answer”.

He had to face a lot of questions from the Canadian immigration officials.

Subsequently, Murad was sent back to Dubai. He stayed at Dubai Airport as a transit passenger. He also tried to obtain on-arrival UAE visa at Dubai Airport, but the immigration authorities refused to issue it. Finally, Murad had no choice but to return to his own country. Then, he decided to return home by a flight of Emirates Airlines on Sunday afternoon.

Murad left Dhaka for Canada, losing both his cabinet and party posts amid widespread criticisms over his audio scandal spread over social media. In sequel to controversial remarks and leak of an audio of phone conversation with an actress, Murad first went into hiding after resignation, and then left Dhaka for Toronto early Friday by an Emirates Airlines flight.