Passport can be corrected as per NID

  |  Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021 |  4:26 pm

Passport can be corrected if there is any discrepancy as per the National Identity (NID) card from now on.

The Department of Security Services of the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a circular in this regard.

According to the circular, if there is any discrepancy between the NID and the passport of the applicants for passports within Bangladesh, the passport will have to be issued according to the information provided in the NID (name, parents’ names, age, etc) on the basis of proper proof. In addition, the circular issued on April 28 by the Department of Security has to be followed in processing the passport re-issue application by correcting the information of the applicants for the passports.

The circular was referred to the Cabinet Secretary, Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister, Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, Secretary of the Bangladesh Election Commission Secretariat, Director General of the Department of Immigration and Passports, Directorate General of the national Security Department, Additional Inspector General of Police Special Branch, E-Passport and Project Director of Automatic Border Control Management Project.

People are facing great difficulties in amending passports. Thousands of applications for amending passports have remained stuck in the Department of Immigration and Passport.

On April 28 this year, the circular on ‘Disposal of Passport Re-Issue Applications at Home and Abroad with Correction of Information’ stated that National Identity Card/JSC/JDC/SSC/HSC/Dakhil/Technical/ Open University and equivalent certificates can be considered. Birth certificates may be considered in case of those who do not have such certificates.

Birth certificate should also be considered in case of underaged. If necessary, the information provided by them can be verified by the Special Branch and other intelligence agencies. It was also mentioned in the circular that change of age in applications can be considered up to a maximum interval of five years.